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Electronic bending  

Model:  P-GV

Min. wire diameter: 1,5 mm
Max. wire diameter with low carbon content: 4,0 mm
Max. hooks length: 600 mm
Bending sources: 2
Feeding tension (three-phase): 400V – 50 Hz
Installed power: 1 Kw
Pneumatic pressure: 6 BARS

Other machines

Model:  MAS 2


Automatic forming & welding machine for ring manufacturing.


Model:  SMU 1200


Chamfering machine.



Model:  RF - 8


Wire Straightening and cutting machine.

Wire diameter:  1,5 - 8 mm


Model:  PTS 3000/4000


Wire frame bending and welding machine.


Model:  PEM


Three-dimensional bending machine with external loader for pre-cut wires, wire chamfering buttwelding.


Model:  MSA3


Vacuum slug remover.

Model:  Motorized wire feeding unit.