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Mechanical bending
November 2014
Electronic bending  
New machine P-GV
Other machines

Model: P-GV

Bending machine composed of bending heads driven by pneumatic cylinders and assembled on a support guide adjustable according to the desired length.

March 2014
We will take part of WIRE DÜSSELDORF 2014 exhibition, together with our Partner VARO S.R.L. !

Wire 2014 - Düsseldorf - Germany, April 7-11, 2014


Brand new decoiler AM 30/F

Model:  AM 30/F


Carrying capacity:  3000 Kg

Motor power:  3 Kw

Weight (approx.):  490 Kg

Dimensions (mm):  1300x1600x1300


September 2013
We will be at the following exhibition, together with our Partner VARO S.R.L. !
Wire 2013 - São Paulo - Brazil, from October 1-st till 3-rd 2013
Stand 611
August 2013:  Brand new decoiler AM 30/N

Model:  AM 30/N


Carrying capacity:  3000 Kg

Motor power:  4 Kw

Weight (approx.):  640 Kg

Dimensions (mm):  1600x2040x1600

May 2013
We will be at the following exhibitions, together with our Partner VARO S.R.L. !
Mach-Tool - Poznań - Poland, from June 4-th till 7-th 2013
Wire 2013 - Moscow - Russia, from June 25-th till 28-th 2013
January 2013:  Brand new PU2 GV

Model:  PU2 GV


Feed lenght up to:  100 mm

Wire diameter 60 Kg/mm2:  Up to 2,5 mm

Strip width up to:  10 mm

Output / minute:  Up to 350 pieces

Motor power:  1 Kw

Weight (approx.):  480 Kg

Dimensions (mm):  1100x680x1400

Updated and improved version of our founder's four slide machines.
Those updates consist of improved structural and dimensional characteristics, followed by mechanical and electronic innovations, being carefull about not varying the actual heart of the machine: dimensions and tool distances in order to guarantee our customers to keep using exactly the same tools they have built over the years.



January 2013:  Partnership with VARO s.r.l.
We're proud to announce that, since January 2013, we have started a partnership with the corporation VARO s.r.l.   -   www.varo.it